The soluble silicates are water soluble glasses generally manufactured from varied proportion to meet the needs of different users , Included among these products are the sodium which range from readily and highly soluble crystalline forms to lumps and powders which are sparingly soluble, from slightly sticky fluids to heavy viscous solutions which barely flow

For those preferring sodium silicates in the form of amorphous powders a variety of products is included in the line , They include both hydrated and anhydrous from which SiO2 , Na2O ratios from 2.00 to 3.22.

Sodium silicate powders are desirable for a variety of reasons , as an integrated in dry blended detergents and specially cements, to control interactions with other chemicals where liquids compatibility may be a problem or where reactivity must be delayed , for convenience in storage and handling or to avoid freezing , or to increase the concentration of silicate solutions beyond commercially available ranges. The chemical and physical characteristics of the most commom soluble silicate powders produced by are described in this bulletin , if you would like further details on their properties or applications or variations of these products to meet specially requirements , please contact us.


Typical Properties & Use Of Sodium Silicate Powder

1.The bondsil is nothing but an important substitude of sodium silicate powder. it is a water soluble powder manufactured from varied properties of an alkali metals & SiO2. We made the various range of silicate products to meet the need of difference users. They include both hydrated & unhydrated forms with SiO2, Na2O ratios from 2.00 to 3.22.

2.Specially cements to control interaction with other chemicals where liquid compatibility may be a problem or where reactivity must be delayed, Also easy for storage, handling and avoid freezing.

3.It is a fine white powder and has a ratio 3.2, as well as all the other liquid silicates, when dissolves it forms a hazy, colourless solution. Bondsil are used for several specialised Refractory compounds, Detergents & Acid resistance cements. As acid resistant, its binding strength is developed even if it does not dissolved even if it does not dissolve completely after adding water, such cements are proved very satisfactory in many industrial applications, It is a fine white powder and has a ratio 3.2, as well all the other liquid silicates, when dissolved it forms a hazy, colourless solution, Bondsil.

5. Bondsil-33 is also preferred for making acid resistant Enamal frits. In making enamal frits the speed of reaction or the rate of melting of powder depends on the particle size. Also used as a binder in some cements & briqueting of various ares, and other mineral products.

6. Bondsil-33 should not stand for more length of time in open packages ar in containers that are not air-tight and water proof contact with air may result in taking (due to moisture absorption) and reduction of its lubility (due to absorption of carbondioxide).

7. Use of Bondsil In Refractory & Chemical Resistant Cements: Used as binder where stability of resistance to chemicals is required Silicate binder develops high green strength, by air setting without heat. They also impart increased tire stength, they are corrosive. They are easy and safe to handle. They forms no fumes on fire hazards. They are very much useful in refractories as refractory mortars and ramming Gunning, Patching mixes in practically all refractory or chemical resis tant construction and in their maintenance.

Some examples includes, Boiler incinerators, capolas, smelting furnaces. coke ovens, blast furnaces, open bearths, oxygen converters, electornic steel furnaces, heat treating furnaces, ladle linings, catalytic cracking chambers, sevage works, cheminey construction, electrolytic cells, acid manufacturing and soaking pits etc.

8. Sodium Silicate Powder (Alkaline Grade): Bondsil-22 Similar in appearance as Bondsil-33 and has a ratio of 2.3. It disso. Ives more quickly and easily comparing to Bondsil-33 due to its higher alkalinity. In some cases because of its rapid dissolving powder it is preferable where neutral grade powder dissolves slowly. Wherever high alkali containt is required alkaline grade is applicable.

Bondsil-22 is mainly used in specialised coatings and refractory cem- ents. Bondsil-22 is useful as binders for dry minerals. It can be utili- sed in cements with combination of liquid silicate binder where it is de- sirable to increase the total silicate solid containt without further incre- asing the velocity of the compound.

9. Effects Of Silicate (Bondsil) Composition: (For Detergent) It is extensively used in household and industrial detergent powder all over Europe and America. This is a common constituent of all the det ergent powder in Europs and America when no detergent is allowed with phosphate. You can eliminate the use of Tri Sodium Phosphate, Tri So dium Poly Phosphate, Sodium Perborate and Geolite.